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Time for a change?

Change Management

The role of Change Managers at Tricca is to:

  1. Educate & define the change required
  2. Develop strategy & plans
  3. Enabling people in an organisation to execute change management

Client 'A' appointed Tricca to review its operational structure which included the people, process and technology. The objective was to provide additional benefits to customers and the business. In a competitive industry, Service is the key differentiator. The starting point was to understand & document the current process, define customer needs and to to work with the staff to define a better way of working.  The updated processes make better use of technology and the subject matter experts within the teams have been given the authority to make appropriate decisions which shorten lead times for delivery of customer requirements. These changes led to an organisational change that now better suits both the business and its customers needs. With updated documentation, better defined structure and streamlined workflows the staff at Client 'A' head into 2015 with a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities across the business.

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