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The new Broadband speed guidelines and how to market them

How can an ISPs make this easier to implement? By having speed checking tools available on your website is a good start. Real data that is consistent to the truth will build trust and retain customers for longer. By building a more personal experience through communications, for both B2B & B2C markets, will benefit ISPs and the better the customer experience, the better the results. The simplest way to build loyalty is through having the best possible customer experience. Using technology, know how and best practice this should be viewed as an opportunity to fuel your business growth.

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Your data needs you

Your Data Needs You


Managing customer data from different sources, identifying links between metrics, and determining how to put this information to best use is a challenge for many organisations.  However, really knowing your prospects and customers is more important than ever in business.  The larger the group of customers you have the more difficult this can be. If you can get to grips with your prospect and customer data this could lead to more informed decision-making, increased sales and stronger customer loyalty.

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