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Match Making: who is your buyer?

Match Making: who is your buyer?

Who’s your buyer? You need to know, because if you don’t, how can you perfect your sales strategy? Trying to please everyone won’t[DLG1]  work, but trying to please one or two specific profiles you can build your value proposition and brand around, works a treat. It’s the proven way forward for building a sustainable business and promoting growth.

Once you know who they are, you can speak their language, demonstrate you fill their need and make sure you perfectly match their budget. You were built for them. You just need to know exactly who they are, and how to contact and engage with them, so you can tell them that.

So how do you start to build a profile of your ideal buyer so that you can grow and evolve with them like the most successful brands of our time have managed to do? How do you workout their demographic, wants, needs, challenges and pain points so that you can craft your messaging to suit just them and then validate your findings?

You need to take out the guesswork. Learn more here..

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