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Alchemy: turning your proposition into cash

Alchemy: turning your proposition into cash

So now it’s time to monetise your proposition. How do you do that? You need to be able to clearly define, and with exacting precision, what your business offers, and in a language your intended buyers will understand.

Should you talk about your solution or the specific challenge it solves for customers? This depends on the buyers you’re are trying to align to. For example, CTOs may like a full technical spec, whereas other decision makes may prefer simply to know what problem your business solves because they feel like they are drowning in tech details… You need to know enough about the decision maker to know the best way forward to differentiate yourself, in a way that they like, and so that you don’t blend in with competitors.

There is a wealth of businesses out there with the perfect product, but if they can’t mould their message to suit the buyer, they’ll make no sales and no profit. A more mediocre version of their product sells instead because their competitor talks their buyer’s language, knows how to differentiate themselves and make their brand relevant, explaining how they solve their buyer’s problem.

So how do you get their attention? Why is your product/service what they need? You can’t just assume; you need to know. You need the details of exactly what your buyers want, so you can make sure they know you deliver it, above all the noise.

You can’t just rely on a cool slogan, although you definitely want that. It needs to be something your buys can engage with, in the right tone, language and even font, to push them down the sales funnel.

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