Problem Solving

Problem Solving

“If you are not solving a problem then you will not sell anything…end of story” Lucy Green, Business Development Specialist, Top 5 UK Business Advisor

What problem do you solve in the marketplace?

There’s nothing like that euphoric lightbulb moment when you leap out of the metaphorical bath shouting “eureka” at your everyone-will-want, can’t-live-without, why-didn’t-we-think-of-this-before technology solution!

And as the cogs whir away in your head it’s easy to get carried away with the brilliance of it all. Now I hate to curb enthusiasm but before we get too far down the line let’s take a reality check – does your solution pass this three-point test:

1.     Are you solving a problem?

2.     Is it a problem people want to solve and will pay for?

3.     And is your solution workable in the workplace?


Caught up in the excitement it’s easy to say ‘of course’ but with potentially a lot of time and money at stake you have to answer these questions objectively.

First, if you are not solving a problem then you will not sell anything … end of story. And equally if the problem you solve isn’t important enough for a customer to spend money on solving it then again you won’t sell anything.

Passing these two is the bare minimum for a viable business. But the third question is the really tough one and it is often overlooked:

If your solution requires a significant change in structure, process, culture, or even personnel of the customer’s business – then it is probably too hard to buy and is simply not a viable business idea.

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