Standby… get ready… and… action!

Standby… get ready… and… action!


Writing a business development plan you can really deliver


There are some tricks to creating a business development plan that you can deliver in practice. The first is to develop your plan from the perspectives of your most important stakeholders; your customers.

A business development plan should include market segmentation. My advice is to use customer-centric segmentation because it keeps everything else real and focussed.

Decide what you stand for in the minds of your customers from a company, product, sales, marketing and service perspective.

Keep this simple. If you can’t fit what you stand for onto a postcard in big print then it isn’t simple enough.

Simplicity is one of the hardest things to achieve – you just have to watch a world class athlete in action to see how true this is.

The reason you need to keep things simple is because your customers will remember and can then tell other people.

Word of mouth endorsement is the most powerful business development advantage a company can have.


Good luck growing your business in 2019. Remember, we’re here to help.