Happy Christmas


Happy Christmas:

Hope you are ready for the feasting to come and prepared for an exciting 2018.

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It's Christmas time and your attention is drifting, I can feel it...So I'll keep this short.

At this time of year your inbox can be full of updates or reviews of the year that feel like an orgy of self congratulation. Best sales years ever, best products on the market, best use of thanks of supportive clients through social media etc... Mostly when things go right for your business you feel like kicking off a flash mob dance routine, in your head of course, but usually its just a smile and mini fist pump before getting on with the next task. It is important to celebrate each triumph because business is hard.

This year we've found some great ways of helping our own business grow - if you have the energy then you'll find some information below - but whats made the biggest difference is the people we've met along the way in 2017. People make the tough times easier to deal with, you learn from them and indeed learn about yourself. A shared experience in business is usually a year full of tricky and challenging experiences, all of them rewarding in their own way.

Whatever your new years resolution is, I hope that you keep celebrating your successes, keep learning and (most importantly to me) meet more people that help you grow a succession of triumphs..
So finally to the people we've met, customers we've worked with and for those yet to engage with Tricca, we wish you a very happy Christmas.


Lead Forensics
Building a pipeline is a joint effort between Sales & Marketing teams with split responsibilities. Not only has lead forensics helped us identify opportunities by providing real time information about who has visited our website and what they are looking at its also provided a better way of demonstrating a return on investment in our own advertising and promotional activities. Using Lead Forensics as part of our ABM strategy is helping has helped us increase the value of our pipeline by a factor of 10. Find out more here.

The buzz in the marketing community this year has all been about ABM in the B2B market. We've used it to great effect with our customers as the application of ABM has shortened the lead to cash time frame, engaged with better qualified prospects and delivered a return on investment. In November Paul was invited by our friends at Larato to take part in a Cloud Industry Forum webinar on the subject. If you missed it you can find it here

Having a reliable and easy to use CRM is essential in understanding your customers, sales and marketing performance. Having used it for our own business we've rolled out our first HubSpot environment for a client and have 2 more booked for January. HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer success, with a completely free CRM at its core. They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together with Tricca's skills and your strategy for growth. We have some exciting plans for HubSpot and Tricca in 2018, get in touch to find out more.

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