The new Broadband speed guidelines and how to market them

Whats going on? The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) published independent research last November into what consumers understand about broadband speed claims in advertising. The results have led to a recommendation by the ASA which requires ISP's to change the way broadband speed claims are advertised.

Who does it apply to? After consultation with the industry, the updated guidance has been published and is specifically aimed to better inform the consumer (B2C) market. Any internet service provider who provides services to the B2C market must follow the new guidance.

When does it come into effect? A 6 month implementation period begins today and the new guidelines must be in place by 23rd May 2018.

What about B2B? Whilst the new advertising guidelines do not include business broadband connections, best practice should be applied to enable like for like comparisons easier to understand by consumers. After all, decision makers in business are also users of broadband services in their own home so lets no confuse them.

Sounds like more red tape? The intention of the change is to create a better way of communicating actual speeds and therefore setting the right expectation. This is a massive opportunity for ISP's to refresh the way in which broadband services are promoted to consumers, build credibility and improve retention. 

How can an ISPs make this easier to implement? By having speed checking tools available on your website is a good start. Real data that is consistent to the truth will build trust and retain customers for longer. By building a more personal experience through communications, for both B2B & B2C markets, will benefit ISPs and the better the customer experience, the better the results. The simplest way to build loyalty is through having the best possible customer experience. Using technology, know how and best practice this should be viewed as an opportunity to fuel your business growth.

What else do I need to know? You'll need to understand what changes will be required when advertising an 'up to' speed, advise on any significant factors that will limit speed, be clear on what a user might expect to be able to download in terms of speed with the connection that they have been provided and (if applicable) if time of day network management might affect the users experience, when demonstrating competitor comparisons then the basis of speed testing data that the methodologies used are based on the same principles, allow custoemrs to check their speed by invitation...

What do I do next? You can find more information on the ASA website to get a deeper understanding of the changes and review the documentation.  Tricca have 20 years of ISP experience, proposition and product management so we can provide you with a strategy or checklist document to support you getting compliant before the deadline. Contact or call 03330 063 533.