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I need one of them...

Objects of desire, a thing of such magnificent awesomeness that you thought you couldn't live without...well for a while anyway. The Internet of Things is again fueling another golden age of product design and innovation. We are being bombarded almost daily with a plethora of gadgets promising to enhance our daily life.

We all have our favorite gadgets that we couldn't possibly live without. Surveys in 2015 show many common trends with the top 10 frequently including; Laptop, smart phone, catchup/streaming TV, coffee maker, game console, camera, portable music players and headphones.


Todays 'must have' items like the Amazon Dash Button & Bar Code Scanner (yet to hit our shores) promises a one touch shopping experience and the iKettle, are being marketed as highly desirable time saving gadgets but it can be argued that they don't really solve any problem at all, first world or otherwise.


However the evolution of tech, much like biological evolution, has 5 possible outcomes:

  • Adaptation
    • Adaptation is the process that makes something better suited to their habitat
  • Co-evolution
    • Interactions between things can produce both conflict and cooperation.
  • Cooperation
    • Many cases of mutually beneficial interactions of evolved things exist
  • Speciation
    • Speciation is the process where a thing diverges into two or more descendant things
  • Extinction
    • Extinction is the disappearance of an entire thing.

I'm sure I'll return to these themes again but its Friday so lets focus on Extinction. Here are some things that were once must haves but alas we lost our love for them when something new popped up on the horizon to steal our techie hearts....

Which ones did you have?



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