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When will you know?

When is the time to use a business consultant…how will you know?

3 points that may help...

Projects - That Unfinished Project:

It’ll get done eventually right?
This is more common than you may think and happens in most businesses. You are not alone.

The problem is that despite best intentions day to day business gets in the way. You keep discussing the project and even committed timelines by assigning actions to get it back on track.

Sometimes a little headway is made but it never quite gets over the line. Progress is slow. It feels like the closer you get somehow the objective is getting further away.

A consultant is good for your business because...

… their only focus is getting that project done for you. Interaction can be brief:
come in
finish the project
Easier to manage than having the commitment of taking on a new employee. You are simply outsourcing an individual project to achieve your goal faster, more efficiently and without impacting your day to day activities. This frees up your team to do what they do best.

Business improvement - Something needs to change:

Something isn't right but can't quite put your finger on it?

When everyone is busy putting out fires, it’s hard to see what’s really going on around you let alone defining what your biggest priorities should be to remedy.

If a part of your business is failing, you’ll want to fix that. It isn’t always so easy.

Sometimes you can identify the problem, but have no clue what a solution would be. Maybe you know what solution is, but aren’t sure about what steps to take to get you there.

A consultant is good for your business because.. experienced, fresh pair of eyes can provide great perspective on your current situation. Having an expert come into your business with a much wider perspective makes it a lot easier to see problems that may have been overlooked.
Consultants have individual expertise from past projects and they can offer up fresh solutions and action plans that can take you where you need to be, and where you probably didn’t even think to go in the first place.

Guidance & Product Development - Need Inspiration:

Want to spice things up?

Whether it’s a new product in the market you want to develop or even break into a new market, you can find yourself racking your brain for solutions.

Maybe you are starting a project that requires a specific set of skills or experience that you don’t have. Sometimes your team are stuck in a rut or worse still, blinkered when trying something new. Maybe you need something (or someone) to shake things up…

A consultant is good for your business because..

...a consultant can break up the flow in a good way. Fresh ideas, a new perspective, and years of experience make up a great combination to have in your corner.
If you are developing a project or product that you don’t have a lot of experience with, a consultant with a specific set of skills that you need can come in and provide the insight and knowledge that you need.
Not to mention the amount of time you’ll save by completing a project with someone who knows what they’re doing.

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