CES 2019 - What the world is waiting for?

Just as well settle back to work recovering from a holiday-induced hangover, we’re immediately faced with the worlds largest consumer electronics show. CES in Las Vegas is timed perfectly to offer a preview for the tech year to come. And it’s not all consumer related. The trickle down of much of the new technology innovation now flows down the B2C route before finding a homes in the B2B world.

I’m as excitable as a child at a Christmas when it comes to CES and this year I’ll be on the ground for the for first time feeding back information to our clients, taking meetings on their behalf and finding time to geek out!

It’s going to be a five-day deluge of tech news, insight, curiosities and downright mind blowing revelations.The show is fairly unique in its ability to juggle announcements from all sizes of companies, from startups to Samsung, all vying for a little ‘mindshare’- NB I wonder what new BS phrases and words will be learned….

The has been a change in focus at CES over the past few years. The bigger tech giants tend to make announcements in their own time and environments however its still CES where innovative spaces, the worlds media, industry professionals and tech fanboys converge to feed in a frenzy of new stuff.  

With my bag partly packed and under a week to go, here is a flavour of what I’m looking forward to digging into at the show…

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger : 5G


2019 marks the start of 5G coming to life in the UK and worldwide. I’m expecting the centre piece of CES to be dedicated to 5G. The major hardware companies – with Apple being a noted absentee again -  will be keen to show off their latest offerings in smart phone technology.

Powering 5G devices to maximise the technology advancement that 5G brings means that chipset and component manufacturers will be out in force to dazzle. Intel and Qualcomm will being engaged in a PR battle to win over device manufacturers by laying down how they envisage they can lead innovation as to which next-gen wireless will push IoT, automotive and other devices beyond the smartphone.

Everything from enterprise products to health-monitoring wearables and smart home devices will keep us ever more connected. Do we need more connectivity? I suspect that were about to find out that so far it's the tip of the iceberg. If I’m feeling up to it there is a session or two on 6G with quantum computing – I fear that this really might be too much for me to take in right now!

In a future where everything is always-on, security will play a major part in the 5G roll out story.

One More Time : AR/VR


Visual experience is still trying to get our attention, and despite there having been a luke-warm reception to VR in the B2C space AR does have many practical applications on a B2B environment.

AR’s immediate future is two-pronged. Most developers are focused on leveraging existing devices like smartphones and tablets, using ARKit/ARCore. But a number of headsets/glasses have already begun to pop up on the periphery. Startups in particular will displaying their creative inventions at the to convince us that it’s an experience we need to bring directly to our collective faces.

Technologic : Smart Home/Office

Image - Eileen Brown - ZDNET

Image - Eileen Brown - ZDNET

At CES 2018, smarter home technology reigned supreme. With 5G expected to take the centre stage, connected home/Office products won’t give up without a fight. If the pre show press releases are accurate then they are going to be EVERYWHERE. Everything from building entry controls to energy management to wall clocks (seriously, how smart can you make a clock and why would you need it?)  all if it is promising to be smarter, better and more important than ever before. Goodness me I’m excited…

This is the one category that practically every company both large and small will have a hand in. The really fun thing will be to watch the two major players do battle in a cage fight for the ages as Amazon and Google bring their smart home assistant ‘A game’ back to CES to do battle.

Just what will be shouting at our inanimate objects this year? With an ever expanding catalogue of ‘skills’ and ‘actions will we be able to find lost socks, stop our pets from misbehaving and keep our loved ones away from taking control of the music choices.

Digital Love: Smartphones


Mobile World Congress in February will be the main stage for mobile devices but there will will still be plenty on show to delight and dazzle.

Hopefully the FlexPai foldable phone concept from Royole will be on display and I’m hoping to get a closer look and find out who are hot on their heals with similar concepts and design.

With the Apple profit warning this week 2018 was the toughest year for smartphones in recent times. Therefore a lot of companies are feeling pressure to do something different and maybe even go back to the drawing board. When all else fails there are bound to be , at least we’re likely get some interesting concepts hinted at by LG & Samsung.

Face To Face : Visual Displays


Foldable, retracted, rolled up, more K, there has been so much promised. Are visual displays the thing to bring back footfall to the high street? The more flexible the solutions the more chance there is to offer consumers an experience in store. Interactive TV’s are nothing new but voice commands, control boxes and touch screen developments will be on show to tempt consumers and business to make the most of the gogglebox.

Companies have been showing off TV’s at CES for 50 years. This is the year manufacturers will really get serious about the technology — though it remains to be seen if the same can be said for the content.

Stay tuned next week and join me on my journey at CES.

For now….. Richens out!

If you are heading out to CES and would like to meet up, then please drop me a line at paul@tricca.uk and we can geek out.


Standby… get ready… and… action!

Standby… get ready… and… action!


Writing a business development plan you can really deliver


There are some tricks to creating a business development plan that you can deliver in practice. The first is to develop your plan from the perspectives of your most important stakeholders; your customers.

A business development plan should include market segmentation. My advice is to use customer-centric segmentation because it keeps everything else real and focussed.

Decide what you stand for in the minds of your customers from a company, product, sales, marketing and service perspective.

Keep this simple. If you can’t fit what you stand for onto a postcard in big print then it isn’t simple enough.

Simplicity is one of the hardest things to achieve – you just have to watch a world class athlete in action to see how true this is.

The reason you need to keep things simple is because your customers will remember and can then tell other people.

Word of mouth endorsement is the most powerful business development advantage a company can have.


Good luck growing your business in 2019. Remember, we’re here to help.

Wise words from wise people

Wise words from wise people


Tomorrow, we are going to share some of our best secrets to help you write the plan for your success.

Before we do, we want to share some of our favourite wise words from wise people…


“The questions you ask are more important than the things you could ever say”

Tom Freese


“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust”,
Zig Ziglar


“You know you are running a modern sales team when selling feels more like the relationship between a doctor and a patient and less like a relationship between a salesperson and a prospect. When you go in to see your doctor and she asks you about your symptoms, you tell her the truth. You trust that she can diagnose your problem and prescribe the right medication. When she says, “This is what you have. Take these pills,” you don’t say, “Let me think about it” or “Can I get 20 percent off?” You take the medication”

Mark Roberge

Warning: the wrong online presence will kill you

Warning: the wrong online presence will kill you


If you don’t present your business competently online, it will die. Without a refined online channel to sell your services, you do not exist as a company in today’s markets. In this scenario, no online presence will suffocate you and the wrong online presence will kill you off.

The end results are the same, get well dressed online or don’t come to the dinner party.

Outcomes over outputs

Outcomes over outputs


A lot of businesses focus their marketing on outputs rather than outcomes: about what is produced rather than what impact it has. A lot of marketing focuses on creating impressive-looking websites, slick videos and glossy brochures. It’s an easy trap to fall into. If you have collateral that looks great, you are likely to feel great.

Today, unless you are Beyoncé, pizzazz on its own doesn’t guarantee sales.  

To make your marketing deliver better returns on investment, focus it on delivering outcomes. Even better, focus your marketing on delivering one outcome – the pipeline you need for your sales team.

Sales and marketing: the yin and yang of your success

Sales and marketing: the yin and yang of your success

Sales is about persuading a potential buyer to buy. Marketing is about persuading potential buyers to listen to sales. So it stands to reason that sales and marketing should be fully aligned and work together at every stage of the sales process. And yet all too often this isn’t the case. Sales and marketing are frequently misaligned, out of step and even out of touch with each other. The result of this misalignment is, quite simply, less revenue for your business.


Getting it right with common objectives

When marketing and sales have common objectives, they work together to create and nurture the leads you want. Companies that adopt this practice consistently outperform their peer groups in revenues and profits.

winning at engagement.

Winning at engagement.

Customer Engagement has moved on from a few parties, some free champagne and a promise to be together forever.

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. Your customers are constantly exposed to your competitors and new technology solutions. It’s becoming harder to keep your customers close.


Many businesses put their faith in measuring customer satisfaction, but this is no longer enough. Satisfied customers are not necessarily loyal ones. Customer engagement is the key driver of loyalty. And customer engagement isn’t a series of one-off contacts, it’s a lifetime conversation. Customers want to feel connected and when they do, great things can happen for your business. If your business is consistently useful, relevant and available to your customers then you’re winning at engagement.